Windows web hosting is perfect for those who use ASP.NET, ASP or SQL Server. Enjoy one-click install, industry-leading load times, an easy-to-use interface and more.

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Windows and Plesk, is the industry preferred platform to host any website or online shop that needs specific Windows Hosting requirements. Our basic Windows Website Hosting platforms can be easily upgraded and migrated as your needs grow.

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Linux hosting is the preferred type of hosting agent for those in the field of web design. Many developers rely on cPanel to manage the hosting platform. The cPanel feature is used to simplify operations on the Linux platform. With cPanel, you can easily handle all of your development tasks in a single place.

Windows hosting is website hosting that uses a Windows operating system. Because the most common web hosting plan options operate on Linux, you can usually assume that anytime a web hosting company doesn’t specify a plan is Windows hosting, it’s Linux hosting.

Business hosting is Linux Hosting (with cPanel), but with the power and resources of a private server without the need for a server administrator. Otherwise it’s the same cPanel experience as shared hosting.

WordPress Hosting is a web hosting product that is pre-configured to host a WordPress powered website efficiently. … WordPress Hosting is usually used for the 3 ā€œS’sā€ ā€“ to simplify, to secure, and to speed up a WordPress install compared to a WordPress install on a typical Linux server.

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